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Natural and powerful way to detoxify your body, mind and spirit,

to strengthen the immune system,

to release emotional blockages,

to restore mental clarity, and most importantly,

to help your body heal itself.

About us

After I completed my Kambo Practitioner Training in December 2019:

Hello everyone! I am Luke Calladine and I will be hosting the Kambo Ceremonies, I am a Certified Kambo Practitioner through Planet Kambo & I am also a Life Coach. I was addicted to many things for 7 years of my life & never realised how much trauma I was holding in for so long. I discovered Kambo about 3 years ago and have done many ceremonies over the years, I realised how powerful & unique this medicine is and decided to bring it over to Mallorca so I can give everyone else the chance to get in touch with their true self, and to help break free from past trauma & experiences, and to start living again with joy, compassion, love & peace! I have been on my own healing journey over the last 3 years and been to many other retreats, I realised that I want to help others become their best versions in life & let go of suffering. Kambo is a powerful tool to assist everyone on this journey in life to heal parts of us which are preventing us from living our best lives and is a much shorter process compared to other healing methods. I want to help others as much as I can and will be providing integration support for after the ceremony too.
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What is Kambo?

Kambo is the name given to the venomous secretion of a tree frog that is applied topically on the skin by the indigenous tribes of the Amazon to heal and strengthen the mind, body and spirit.

During a Kambo treatment the medicine is applied to the skin after small superficial burns are made with a red hot ember vine or incense stick. Only the very top layer of the skin is burned. Once the burns have been made, the Kambo resin is applied to the wounds and this allows the medicine to communicate with the brain via the lymphatic system.

The medicine contains a cocktail of bioactive peptides and neuropeptides which have a powerful effect on the body and brain and allow the body to heal itself.

What does Kambo help with?

Kambo works on a mental, emotional & physical level. It allows you to let go & release the things in your lives that are currently not serving you or what is holding you back from living at your full potential.

90% of everyone has some form of unresolved trauma from within their lives, even if we go through a good up bringing in life. We learn how to build our resilience to trauma in our childhood, often not knowing how to handle regular experiences or happenings within our daily lives. We suppress these emotions as we naturally don't want to feel more pain, but we can easily get triggered or reminded of an experience which brings us back to living in the past.

Signs & Symptoms of unresolved trauma are: Anxiety, depression, PTSD, Addictions, No Motivation, Victim Blaming, Panic Attacks & More

Kambo helps to release & remove these emotional blockages, we all get things stuck In the body when going through various different traumas which helps to release these emotions.

The benefits from taking Kambo is that it is a anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-biotic, anti-fungal medicine and acts as a very powerful natural anaesthetic.

It’s an amazing detoxifier, clears out the liver, intestines & the digestive system while strengthening the immune system.

It Improves the way you think, your mood, clarity, focus, alertness and resistance to stress.

It's great for healing autoimmune and chronic health conditions. Many people have used it to heal many different health issues.

Kambo clears any negative physical and emotional energies which deny us a balanced and peaceful life. When we are plagued with emotional toxins, and our physical and mental energy is low this is a sure sign that a kambo treatment is needed. Many have described their Kambo experiences as like being born again, passing a point of no return after which they are changed mentally and physically. After Kambo many have reported that they have renewed courage to take on new ventures in life and to revisit old situations that used to fill them with fear and anxiety. Kambo gives us the strength to face whatever life throws at us.

Kambo Peptides:

The bioactive peptides and neuropeptides present in Kambo cover a wide range of potential medical uses including depression, migraines, blood circulation problems, fertility problems, AIDS, hepatitis, cancer and brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinsons.

The peptides perform hormone-like tasks while others provide support to vital cellular processes. Some of these peptides have a potent effect on the gastrointestinal muscles, gastric and pancreatic secretions, blood circulation, and on the stimulation of the adrenal cortex and pituitary gland.

Kambo has amazing anti-inflammatory effects and a capacity to destroy various types of microbes and viruses. Kambo contains multiple antimicrobial peptides effective against drug-resistant strains of bacteria, fungi, protozoa, parasites and virus.

How Kambo Works:

Kambo is generally used in a ceremonial setting either as a group or a 1-1 session. Kambo must always be done in a fasted state so the stomach is empty. After careful consideration by the practitioner, a number of burns will be made on the skin using the tip of a hot incense stick. The burns are then gently rubbed with tissue paper to remove only the top layer of skin. At this point the participant will be asked to drink 1.5 - 2 litres of water. This is so there is something in the stomach that can be purged during the process. The medicine is then applied to the wounds and the process begins.

The Kambo Experience:

The immediate effects of kambo are very intense and unpleasant but over fairly quickly, usually lasting no more than 15-20 minutes. The first thing one will notice is a rise in body temperature, as the heart rate becomes more rapid. Heat will be felt mainly in the upper body and head but can be felt in other areas. The blood pressure may rise or fall dramatically, accompanied by an increased awareness of the veins and arteries. Many people report a tingling or burning sensation in the extremities that can slowly spread to other areas of the body. Some may also feel a dissociative sleepiness or an energetic high.

After this initial period a strong feeling of nausea washes over the body and this is a sign that the purge is coming. The purge can be vomiting, defecating or both. Other effects include a feeling of pressure in the head, neck, and torso, stomach pain, inflammation of the throat, dry mouth, blurred vision (or temporary blindness), difficulty moving, and numb, swollen lips and tongue.
After these effects have worn off, the heart rate has returned to normal and the purge has happened it is usually necessary to rest. A light nap at this point is very common.

The Kambo Ceremony:

The ceremony will go on for 2 - 3 hours total and will include the following:

Introduction + Kambo Prep talk
Opening the sacred space with a prayer
Meditation & Setting Intentions (Optional Rapeh)
Burns to open the gateaway + drink water
Kambo Medicine is applied
Surrendering + The Purge
Post Kambo Rest time
Optional Sananga
Closing of the ceremony

Is Kambo Ethical?

Kambo is obtained by the tribesmen by carefully catching the frogs and then wiping the secretion from their skin. The frogs are usually found near rivers in the Amazon area. When it’s raining, the frogs gather around the rivers and make a particular sound. The tribesman imitate this sound to lure and subsequently catch the frogs.

The frogs don’t have any natural predators so they are very timid and easy to catch. The frogs are then harmlessly stressed to induce the secretion: a waxy substance that can then be soaked into wooden sticks from the back and legs of the frog. The poison is then left on these sticks to dry. When enough secretion has been collected, the frog is released back into the wild. Great care is taken to leave the frog unharmed during the gathering process.


Kambo Group Ceremonies:

FREE - Why is it Free? Because I am creating a movement to remove money from the world & society.. more details to follow soon. Once a month I will be hosting these group kambo ceremonies which I can hold space for up to 6 people.

Kambo Ceremony in Safe Environment
1x 1-1 Integration Coaching Call & Support

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Health Contraindications:

Kambo cannot safely be used if you have any of the following health conditions:

Heart ConditionsBlood ClotsDuring PregnancyUnder going Chemotherapy

* Over 18's only.

* You must complete an online medical declaration form prior to any treatments.



Participants MUST fast for 8 hours before the ceremony as they must have no food in the stomach when taking Kambo. Best to fast from the night before.

Bring 3 Litres of Water with youCome in a fasted state at least 8 hours, ideally 12 hoursDrink an electrolyte drink 1 hour before the ceremony. Coconut water with a pinch of salt or any branded electrolyte drink will do. You can even make your own one at home (just google it).Alcohol and recreational drugs should be abstained from for at least 3 days prior to and after the treatmentIt will help the process to stick to a clean, whole foods diet & avoid processed foods for the week leading up to the ceremony

An important part of working with Kambo is your intention. The Kambo process began from when you made the decision to take part in the ceremony. Kambo has already started working with you so pay attention as things start to come up. Buried emotions, old ideas and new ways of thinking will start to surface. Let these guide you in setting your intentions for the ceremony. Write them down before you come and bring them with you so they are fresh in your mind.

Focus on the following:
What is it that is unwanted but still remains?
What are the things that you want to be removing from your life? these can be emotional states, people, work situations etcWhat is is that is wanted but is still eluding me?
What are the things that you want to be bringing in to your life? again these can be emotional states, relationships or work opportunities
We look forward to seeing you.

Upcoming Ceremonies

Saturday 21st November 11am - 2pm

Life Reset - Kambo Ceremony + Integration

Kambo Ceremony hosted in English!

Amazing way to connect within, learn from the powerful medicine and to reset within the mind, body & spirit!

6 spaces available for this Ceremony!

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* Over 18's only.

* You must complete an online medical declaration form prior to any treatments.


FREE - Why is it Free? Because I am creating a movement to remove money from the world & society.. more details to follow soon. Once a month I will be hosting these group kambo ceremonies which I can hold space for up to 6 people.

Kambo Ceremony in Safe Environment
1-1 Integration Coaching Call & Support

Contact me to confirm your attendance as will need to send you the preparation details + declaration form to fill out: +34684310957 (Whatsapp)

Check out the Guidelines before booking a ceremony: